CWC Attachments

HD 3 Point Bale Spears



Model C2200 (shown)


This three point bale spear will easily become one of the most versatile tools on your farm. Fits Category 2, three point hitches and quick hitches.

Features include - a standard 2” hitch receiver, a ½” thick mounting tab for your gooseneck ball,

and the most rugged construction of any comparable bale spear on the market.

Covered by a full warranty against component failure for a year! Standard model C2200 is rated for a hefty 2700 pounds and utilizes two conus 2, 49” tines rated at over 2,600 pounds apiece!

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Super Tough Loader Spears



Model MF490002 (shown)

Having a rich agricultural background, we understand how a failed piece of equipment can take precious time from an already pressing schedule. That’s why everything we manufacture really is Heavy Duty. Quality built, by real craftsmen. Every member of our team takes pride in their work, and we take pride in them.

Covered by a full warranty against component failure for a full year!

Standard model MF490002 is available to fit Universal skid steer attach and Euro-Global mounts and is rated for a staggering 3500 pounds. MF490002 utilizes two conus 2, 49” tines rated at over 2,600 pounds a piece!

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Rugged & Tough Pallet Forks



Model MF4840 (shown)

A lot of pallet fork attachment frames are constructed from plate steel. When presented with any amount of uneven load, they can bend, twist, and rip.

Our frames are made from structural square tubing with a wall thickness of a quarter of an inch. This heavy, rigid style of frame will not twist and bend like the lighter weight models.

Covered by a full warranty against defect or component failure for a full year! Model MF4840 uses 1- ¼” X 4 forks, 48 inches long with standard ITA hook mounts and is rated at 4500 pounds and  is available to fit Universal skid steer attach and Euro-Global mounts   

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HD Three Point Bale Forks



Our bale forks are simply some of the most durable forks you’ll ever see. Fork tubes are made of 4 x 2 inch rectangular tubing with a 5/16” thick wall. The fork tubes are welded solid to the main frame and gusseted on both sides front and back. These forks will not end up in the weeds or behind the shed, bent and broken like so many others do. Available to fit Cat 1, 2, & 3 three point hitches and quick hitches.

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Three Point Trailer Movers



Just like all CWC Products, these handy tools are built stout. Simply mount the trailer mover to your tractor’s three point hitch and you’re ready to go. You can back under most gooseneck and bumper pull trailers and hook up in seconds! All models have a standard 2 inch hitch receiver tube, which allows you to utilize the same trailer ball mounts used on most pickups and S.U.V.s

Available to fit Cat 1 & 2 three point hitches and quick hitches.

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Check out this handy tool!

The EZ-T-Post does just what it says....makes installing T-Posts EASY!

  • Faster Installation
  • Less Physical Strain
  • No Special Attachments
  • Consistent T-Post Height
  • Eliminates bending T-Posts
  • Made in The USA!

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Since 2007, Montana Post Driver has been revolutionizing the fencing industry. As fence builders themselves, they believed there had to be something better in post drivers. They invented the hydraulic hammer post driver. Since then, they have refined and improved their post drivers. Today, farmers pound their posts, and fencers grow their businesses with Montana Post Driver..

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post pounder
post driver
fence post


 The 750R Rancher enables farmers and ranchers to efficiently build their own fences using any medium-sized skid steer. It will drive pipe or a 6” post into almost any soil condition. The 750R may be their smallest model, but you get the same durability, low-maintenance, and quality as their larger models. Like all Montana Post Drivers, it comes with a one year warranty!

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post pounder
post driver
fence post


 Montana’s mid-sized hydraulic post driver is the 1000E model with a working pressure of 2200 PSI delivering 400-800 blows per minute. It weighs 2000 lbs., requiring a lifting-capacity of 2500 pounds or more. The skid steer mount includes a convenient rack for transporting posts. To drill pilot holes in hard or stony ground, add the optional auger attachment. Like all Montana Post Drivers, it comes with a one year warranty!   

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CID Attachments


CID Skid Steer Attachments specializes in manufacturing high quality skid steer attachments. Compact track loader attachments and compact tractor attachments. We strive to set our self apart from the competitors. Offering the highest quality attachments at reasonable prices. CID prides itself in having knowledgeable and friendly customer service.

CID skid steer attachments come powder coated. All skid steer attachments hoses come with protective sleeves. This gives you the best protection in the most demanding environments. This in turn gives the customer longevity in the product. CID Attachments are always manufactured in the U.S.A.


X-Treme Skid Steer Hay Bale Squeezer Attachment

 The X-treme hay bale squeezer supports twin cylinders. With the design of this hay bale squeezer, you can pick up wrapped hay bales without tearing or puncturing the plastic.  The two cylinders gives the bale squeezer a stronger holding capacity and is able to stack two bales of hay at a time. The CID skid steer hay bale squeezer is also known as a “bale grabber” or “bale hugger” in the skid steer attachment and related industries. If you need to move or stack a lot of hay bales. The CID X-treme skid steer hay bale squeezer attachment is the one you will want to own. Click below to learn more!

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X-treme Root Grapple

The X-treme Root Grapple is the grapple of choice for those who need an attachment that will hold up in severe applications. It can handle more material and is more rugged than most other grapples.

It is built from 5/8″ thick steel plate on the top, 1/2″ on bottom, and incorporates 4″ square tubing. It also features enclosed hydraulic cylinders and shafts. It was built in mind for the big skid steer loaders and compact track loaders that are 65 hp and up. The CID xtreme root grapple can handle pretty much anything you want to go up against. The rod and cylinder covers come standard on the x-treme root grapple and are diamond plated and gives it the look it so deserves, which is “Tough”. This root grapple can pick up heavy logs, and big amounts of debris material without hesitation. It is the one to have for big storm cleanups and natural disasters. You can rest assure that the CID X-treme Duty root grapple will last for many years to come. Click below to learn more!

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MDS Roto-King


• Hydraulic Drive
• Reversible Rotor Direction
• Large 6′x6′ Ripper Bed
• Handles Any Size Round Bale
• Overflow Screen Protection
• Rugged 7 Ga. Side Panels
• Heavy Duty 1-3/8″ Bearings
• HD Rotors With Serrated Teeth
• (4) 1-1/4″ Bale Loading Tines
• Standard Bolt-On Mounts Available For Skid Steer, Tractor Loaders, Telehandlers and Wheel Loaders 

RK-500 Bale Processor

 • 4’ and 5’ Wide Bale
• 6’ Diameter Bale
• 7GA Side Panels
• (4) 1 ¼” Bale Loading Tines
• 75HP Machine Minimum
• 2,800 LB Lift Capacity Minimum
• 1,085 LBS
• 6’ x 6’ Ripper Bed 

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ST400i Cordless Fence Post Stapler


  • Portable - no need for compressors or airlines
  • Fast, high output design drives up to 2 staples per second
  • Adjustable depth of drive for greater flexibility with staple placement
  • Quick clear nose to reduce downtime
  • Top load magazine for easy and fast re-loading
  • Sequential trigger system which provides improved operator safety
  • V-Notch guide and wire guide to ensure correct staple placement and improved holding power
  • 2 Batteries provided per kit 

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SHW Replacement Bale Spears

Conus 2 Bale Spears


Rated at nearly 2700 pounds!

  This is the highest quality hay spear on the market.

 Conus 2 – 1 3/4” 2,697 lbs. 516 Foot #’s 


  • Available in 32, 36, 39, 43, and 49 inch lengths 
  • Also available in Conus 1 size- 1 3/8" diameter in straight from 24" to 39" long  and also 24" curved for grapples and many other brush and debris removal attachments. 



  • Constant Quality is the tradition at SHW since 1596!
  • Material: High Quality Spring Steel, rolled
  • Hardened and tempered to 45-49 HRC
  • Permanent Quality control along the Production Process assures consistent high Quality
  • Spears are tested on all relevant parameters
    • Hardness
    • Capacity
    • Deforming
  • Every Spear is hand straightened in the final Production Process

Don't be fooled by Impostors


 Each bale spear is stamped with the SHW Logo, the crown and date of manufacture. Without these stamps, it is not an original SHW bale spears. 

There are sub-quality products floating arounf that claim to be "German Made"

They're not!

Don't be fooled.

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